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  • Purchasing service

    Purchasing service is the core service of WOMATA. We purchase goods in China according to the user's instructions. By comparing the prices of several merchants, you can get the price of your favorite goods more quickly. We also provide comprehensive services such as purchase suggestion, quality inspection, storage and delivery, so as to ensure that you receive satisfactory goods. It will be easier and easier to use our purchasing service than to purchase and transfer goods by yourself!

  • Transshipment service

    Supports multiple packages to be sent together
    Open box inspection supports goods inspection after arrival
    Repackaging support items reinforce packaging service
    Free warehousing support short-term free warehousing service

    post office
Professional Service
  • Nigeria

    Focus on purchasing
    and transshipment
    services for Nigeria

  • customer service

    Provide 24-hour
    customer service

  • professional

    Professional commodity
    purchase, quality inspection,
    storage, transportation

  • purchasing

    Provide purchasing

  • transshipment

    Provide transshipment

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  • service
  • transportation
  • no hidden fees
  • efficient operation